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  Name SKU Description Art. Nr. Typ
ELBE ELBESOL EM 425/R [Art.Nr.:6026]
ELBESOL EM 425/R emulsion of a highly pure plant oil with corrossion protection additive
ELBE ELBESOL FG 996 K [Art.Nr.:6053]
ELBESOL FG 996 K antifogging- and antistaticcoating concentrate
ELBE LOBOCLEAN 839 [Art.Nr.:6608]
LOBOCLEAN 839 delute cleaner used in the industry
ELBE LOBOCLEAN 840 [Art.Nr.:6609]
LOBOCLEAN 840 pure delute silicone-oil-cleaner
LOBOPERL TI ready-to-use impregnation agent
ELBE ELBESOL EM 597 NV [Art.Nr.:7005]
ELBESOL EM 597 NV white oil emulsion
ELBE ANTISTAT 805 [Art.Nr.:7023]
ANTISTAT 805 antistatic agent for spraying application
TRENNFIX WR 20 SPRAY spatter release
TRENNFIX WR 20 SPRAY aqueous welding protection agent
ELBE LOBOPERL- G [Art.Nr.:2530]
LOBOPERL- G ready-to-use impregnation agent
ELBE ELBESIL ES 100 [Art.Nr.:3003]
ELBESIL ES 100 defoamer compound on the basis of silicone
ELBE ELBESIL ES 1230 N [Art.Nr.:3015]
ELBESIL ES 1230 N defoamer emulsion on the basis of silicone
ELBE ELBESIL ÖL B 0,65 [Art.Nr.:4000]
ELBESIL ÖL B 0,65 silicone oil
ELBE ELBESIL ÖL B 5 [Art.Nr.:4003]
ELBESIL ÖL B 5 silicone oil low- viscous
ELBE ELBESIL  ÖL B 10 [Art.Nr.:4004]
ELBESIL ÖL B 10 silicone oil low-viscous
ELBE ELBESIL ÖL B 2021 [Art.Nr.:4029]
ELBESIL ÖL B 2021 silicone-oil
ELBE ELBESIL ÖL B 2,000,000 [Art.Nr.:4056]
ELBESIL ÖL B 2,000,000 silicone-oil high viscous
ELBE ELBESIL ÖL AM 1050 [Art.Nr.:4061]
ELBESIL ÖL AM 1050 silicone-oil
ELBESIL GUM silicone-gum
ELBE ELBESIL ÖL BPH 100 [Art.Nr.:4107]
ELBESIL ÖL BPH 100 pharmaceutical silicone oil