Products for the metal industry

Our present-day culture is based on this branch of industry. No other group of materials has more applications and processing techniques. For the processing, machining, care and protection of metals, L. Böwing GmbH offers a number of chemical aids for very different purposes.

Silicone-based emulsions serve as release agents for foundry technology, e.g. for the hotbox process.
Silicone-free cold-forming lubricants are used for processing sheet metal or profiles and pipes.

Welding technology:
In this area, L. Böwing GmbH supplies silicone-free as well as silicone-containing release agents to prevent welding beads from sticking. These are also available as a spray, as is our mold preservative.

Finished or stored components or mold tools must be protected and cleaned. The L.
Böwing GmbH offers suitable cleaning agents on an aqueous basis, care agents for stainless steel surfaces or mold preservatives.