for mechanical engineering

This area also includes automotive engineering and is therefore a very large field of activity for L. Böwing GmbH.
The right selection and advice makes it possible to use special silicones even in this area with critical application environments.
Where this is nevertheless not possible or desired, L. Böwing GmbH can also offer alternative products.

For lubrication of plastic-plastic or plastic-metal pairings we recommend silicone pastes, pastes based on other synthetic oils or various greases.

Silicones have a very high dielectricity by nature and are therefore ideal for electrical insulation. Electrical and electronic components encapsulated in silicone rubbers or coated with silicone pastes are also protected against vibrations, sudden temperature changes and general weathering.

Silicone oils are ideally suited as damping media because of their low temperature/viscosity dependence and because they are Newtonian fluids. This ranges from damping for equipment flaps to dampers for large construction machinery.

Temperature transfer
We offer silicone-based thermal oils for furnace construction, industrial heating systems or tempering baths in production and laboratories. Silicone oils play an important role as refrigerant oils for freezing plants in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries.