for the chemical industry

This is the branch of industry to which L. Böwing GmbH belongs and to which it also supplies quite extensively. Chemistry is the world that surrounds us. Whether as raw material , additive or also production aid, the application possibilities especially of silicones are almost inexhaustible here.

Raw materials
The portfolio includes, for example, silicone oils from the areas of polydimethylsiloxanes, methylphenylsiloxanes, alkylarylsiloxanes, organofunctional siloxanes and various other functional siloxanes. Raw materials from the areas of glycols, fully synthetic oils and native oils are also components of

Particularly worthy of mention here are oil emulsions, preformulations of oils or also on an aqueous basis, and compounds. Customized formulations characterize the picture here.

Silicone-based defoamers have proven to be particularly effective, e.g. for foam control of formulations. Chemical-resistant lubricants or protective agents such as silicone pastes and greases are offered by L. Böwing GmbH for production plants.