We are specialists in harmonizing chemistry and application technology.


Our strength is the individual solution

When reaching for the shelf does not yield a result, when standard products fail, then the development of a new product specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements becomes necessary. In our own laboratories, we develop individual chemical problem solvers, tailored to the specific processes of our customers.
At the same time, our focus is always on economical use, for the benefit of the environment and with the aim of reducing costs. Our products optimize the work process, reduce downtime and increase productivity.


Experience and knowledge from 40 years

Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We are happy to use our experience and knowledge to identify raw materials or ready-to-use products that meet your requirements.
Sometimes the right application technology, process or dosage decides which product hits the target. We like to let our customers benefit from our knowledge and our ability to think outside the box. We will be happy to personally supervise tests and trials with our products and accompany them until they are ready for use. A trusting cooperation is of utmost importance to us.


Safe and transparent production processes

Many of our products come from our own production. This enables us to meet the requirements of our customers in a cost-effective manner. In 40 years, this has resulted in a wealth of our own products and thus a great deal of experience in their production and application. We mix, knead or emulsify in batches as small as 200 kg, so we also work with small production batches.