We have experience
L. Böwing GmbH has been involved in the production, development and trade of chemical auxiliaries and operating supplies since 1980. The main focus is on silicone chemistry, whose high-quality and universally applicable substances can be used profitably in almost all branches of industry.

Quality and reliability
And absolute safety are the highest guidelines according to which L. Böwing GmbH develops and manufactures products.
The aim is to supply label-free and environmentally compatible articles. The registered trademarks ELBESIL, ELBESOL, LOBOSIL etc. stand for consistently high quality and have been known for this for many years.
L. Böwing GmbH has been certified since June 2000. This documents the effectiveness of the quality system that has been in place for many years.

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
Scope: Production, development and distribution of release agents, lubricants, silicone products and chemical auxiliaries

Tradition and know-how
L. Böwing GmbH is a family business in its second generation. The outstanding team spirit and short communication channels guarantee high flexibility and a strong customer orientation.

1977 Foundation by Herbert Böwing sen.
1995 Change of company name to L. Böwing GmbH
1987 Construction of the plant in 65439 Flörsheim a. M.
1998 Market leader with emulsions for web offset printing
2000 Expansion and increase in capacity
2000 Certification according to ISO 9001
2011 Own production of silicone pastes
2012 Production and trade of damping oils
2017 Expansion and move to the new plant in 65239 Hochheim a. M.
2023 New Corporate Design